I have laryngitis

So, I’ve been very hoarse the past couple of days and have had a cough, congestion, just general YUCK.  Today I visited the Dr and was diagnosed with laryngitis and bronchitis.  You guys know how much I talk and I really like to talk so having this illness has been a challenge.  I’ve tried whispering which is a joke.  I’ve also talked in a very low tone, also a joke.  I’m supposed to take my 3 scripts, drink a lot of water and try to rest (yeah, right!).

What’s the most annoying illness you’ve ever had!?

It’s been OVER a month!

I’m such a bad blogger.  I just realized that I haven’t posted ANYTHING in over a month.  It’s definitely not that I have nothing to say or that we haven’t had anything going on because that’s not the case. 

We have been busy with fall baseball, play practice (Bailey’s big acting debut was last weekend), church activities, WORK, watching football, and of course, stuff around the house. 

It’s so exciting that our Titans have started off 7-0.  I thought that we’d have a good year, but 7-0 is definitely above my expectations.  We were blessed to be able to go to the game last night.  We went to the stadium a couple of hours early to scope out some tickets (we’d already decided that we wouldn’t pay any astronomical price.)  And this is what happened: Our tickets were amazing – first row, right behind the Colts bench on the 48 yard line!!  It was such a God thing.  We happened to be behind a guy in the port-a-potty line (no, that’s not the God part) and I overheard his cell phone conversation about some tickets that he was about to go pick up at Will-Call.  He mentioned a guy’s name that I knew from when I was the Titans sales rep with Sprint.  I quickly whispered to Barry that I had to ask this guy if it was the same ticket office manager that I used to know.  It was!  AND the guy said that there was another available pair of tickets ON THE 48 YARD LINE (we had no idea that they were on the first row until we got there!)  We paid FACE VALUE for these amazing seats.  So, a big shout out to Norm, the guy we met in line for the port-a-potty.  THANK YOU!!!  We had a great time!!

On another note, just wanted to update everyone that has been praying for Teresa, my hometown friend who was in a bad car accident back in July.  GREAT NEWS!!!!  She is now back home in Selmer!!  She will continue her rehab with one of our local doctors.  When she got home on Saturday, around 100 of their closest friends lined their street holding yellow ribbons and cheering for her.  Mom said it was a really moving moment and one that they will never forget. 

I was Tagged – grrrrrrrr

So, two posts in one day.  How does that happen!?  Well, I was tagged by Deb SOOOOOOOOO here goes my response to the 6 random facts about myself.  Notice I grrrrrrrrr’d this.  Only because I’m really tired right now because I keep waking up at 4:30-5:00 AM.  I need MORE SLEEP!

1.  I am an only child ( but really wanted an older brother).  My parents assured me that this wasn’t really possible.  Darn!!

2.  I LOVE junk food……..wish that I could actually live off of it and that it was healthy.

3.  I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy (football player, NOT a cheerleader!)

4.  I grew up in a small town, Selmer, where Sheriff Buford Pusser “walked tall”.  My hometown is also infamous for Mary Winkler, who gained international coverage for killing her “preacher husband”.   If that’s not enough, my hometown also experienced a horrible car crash during a fundraiser for sick children.  At “Cars for Kids”, a drag car spun out of control into a crowd, killing 9 people.  Not events that make you proud of your hometown.  Nonetheless, it was a good place to grow up.  I was very sheltered!

5.  I love humor AND sports.  I think I missed my calling – imagine me on ESPN, laughing it up with the likes of Mike + Mike!

6.  I graduated from college in 3 1/2 years.  If I had a “do-over” I would have stayed in college as long as my parents would have let me.  Getting out into the “real world” wasn’t what I thought it would be!

Ok, I don’t really know how to “tag” people so after I figure it out, I’ll tag 6 others! 😉

I’m a Slacker…….

Ok, if my hubby reads this he would laugh at me calling myself a slacker.  He says I’m always busy and I have a really hard time doing nothing.   He’s pretty correct………..

Anyhow, I’ve gotten lazy regarding blogging.  It seems my time is better spent working………working at work, working at home, working at……….everything.  I want to do better at keeping my blog updated.  We have a lot going on so I have tons of material that I want/need to share.  Finding time to express everything adequately is the issue…..

I’m going to do better!!

Reunion Weekend!

I am SOOOOO excited – tomorrow Barry and I head out of town to my 20th HIGH SCHOOL CLASS REUNION.  I have been helping plan this big shin-dig for the past couple of months and have been hearing from and talking to friends that I haven’t seen or kept in touch with for YEARS.  I feel like this weekend will be a huge mix of what we did back then and where we are and what we’re doing now.  I hope that we will stay closer now that technology allows such wonderful means of communication.  I hope to post some pics by early next week……..maybe even a pic of me in 1988 and now.  Scary!!

I will let you in on a funny, sort of embarrasing secret about me.  I often took on the role of mother figure to many of my guy friends.  You know, sort of guiding them through how they should act and what they should and shouldn’t do so that led to a really crazy nickname:  McGruff.  Does anyone remember “McGruff the Crime Dog”??  His motto was “take a bit out of crime”.  Hilarious, I know!!

Does anyone have an embarrassing or funny nickname?  I would LOVE to know about it!

39 and HOLDING!!!

This year is the year that both Barry and I turn 39.  His birthday was yesterday and mine is in November.  All of a sudden it has really hit me why people say “29 and holding” or “39 and holding”, etc.  Hitting numbers like 40, 50, 60, etc. are huge milestones.  When I was a kid, I would’ve thought that anything over 30 was “old”.  Now that my 40s are staring at me, 50s and 60s seem REALLY young.  So far, aging hasn’t really bothered me.  I jokingly say that I’m getting better with age (like a fine wine, maybe!?).  I know that I’m definitely getting wiser.  😉

Has any certain birthday been great/terrible for you?!


This morning I received a great email from a new friend, Deb. She said that I always make her laugh. The funny part is that SHE ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH, TOO! It made me think about the fact that we don’t always take time to see the humor in life. Sometimes humor can keep you going when times are tough AND it’s better to laugh than to cry. (Crying can make your mascara run) HA!

WHO or WHAT can you always count on to make you laugh?

Take time to laugh today!!

A Few Random Friday Thoughts/Updates

Today’s post is all over the board but had lots of updates and thoughts to share……….

I want to update everyone on my family friend, Teresa, who is still at Vanderbilt.  I think this is something like day 39 of her stay there.  She is still improving, slowly but surely.  She still has to have a breathing tube due to the damage to her lungs.  She is desperately trying to talk and communicate but the tube is definitely hindering it.  She still has to have her colon “washed out” from all of the toxins in her system.  Overall, things are going MUCH better in her recovery.  Just this week, she mouthed that she wants to go home and also smiled at several friends who came to visit from home.  Her oldest son became engaged and she mouthed “wonderful”.  Thanks again for the many thoughts and prayers.  The whole family has felt them.

So, school started today for Bailey.  She is now going to Nashville Christian and is super excited about it.  Her grade (5th), only has a total of 40 students.  With such a small class, she is sure to get a lot of individual attention and instruction which is wonderful.  On the other hand, I think of the size of the classes that I had in school.  They were much larger and I had a very diverse group of friends as a result.

Sam starts school on Monday and is also pretty excited about his second year at Meigs Magnet Middle.  He’s still not finished with his summer project which has to be turned in next Friday.  The assignment required him to read 3 books and then create a newspaper from characters, events, etc in the books.  He had to write an editorial, a cartoon, a review, 3 ads and a character sketch.  Talk about a lot of work for a summer project in 6th grade!

We have had a great week at the MediSpa – maybe one of our busiest ever.  We are in Clipper Magazine and are about to be in CouponMint.  It sure was hard to part with the $$ that it costs to advertise in these, but we have already broken even and we still have people calling to book consults and appointments.  Thank you, Lord!!

Last, but certainly not least, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best cuz, Whitney.  Her birthday is actually Sunday but I believe she’s been celebrating “Birthday Week” which is something we strongly believe in!!  We will celebrate with her on Sunday with a special birthday lunch after church.  Have a great one, Whit….love you bunches!!

What does your weekend look like?  Doing anything special?  Do tell!


Sam and I just returned (last evening) from our mom/son trip to ATL.  We had a really good time, despite the heat and rain!  We saw two Braves games (they lost both), went to World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Zoo.  We had never been to World of Coke or GA Aquarium and let me just say that BOTH were really great.  I took some great pics and will try to post them soon.  There are so many other attractions in ATL, it is definitely a great place to spend a few days having fun.

I’m off to Center Hill Lake this afternoon with around 10-15 sorority sisters (ADPis from our days at MTSU).  We will relax, eat, sleep, boat, swim and maybe do some water sports.  Mostly we’ll just enjoy hanging out together without any real responsibilities for 48 hours.

Hope everyone will try to have a little bit of FUN this weekend!!

The Big Six O (aka 60)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad today!! He’s turning the big 6-0. To look at him, you’d think that he is MAYBE 50. Hopefully, I have inherited this eternal youth gene!!! I know I have inherited his off-beat sense of humor, as well as his intellect ;), his eyes and his love for peanut butter and ice cream (not necessarily at the same time, however that’s a pretty good mixture!).

I am an only child so when my Dad wasn’t busy, he would often have to entertain me. One of my favorite memories is when we were wrestling and my earring accidentally punctured him in the nose. Without knowing it, we stumbled upon a major new trend! One other fun memory is when he let me “roll” his hair. We had those big pink curlers that you slept in and I somehow would get a little bit of my Dad’s hair to stay in those curlers. He was so cute!

One not so great memory is when, at my birthday parties, my friends wanted to hang out with my Dad instead of me. I threatened to not allow him at my parties if he was going to “steal” my friends. HA!!

My Dad is one of the most intelligent, dependable and trustworthy people I know. He is very ethical and is a solid Christian man. He loves to dabble in computers and technology so when I have a question or issue, he’s the first one I call. He also has developed a real interest in Nascar in the past few years. I have also discovered that I, too, find it very interesting and entertaining. Maybe one day we’ll go to our first race together.

Have a great birthday, Dad and here’s hoping for 60 more!! We love you BIG MUCH!

Lo and fam

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